1. TRIA HUMUS (VEGE) 180g 18,00 zł
Three flavours mousse of the chickpea, tahini and olive oil
2. KALAMARAKIA 200g 21,00 zł
Grilled squid in the lemon sauce
3. KOFTA 3 PIECES 150g 19,50 zł
Mutton shish kebeb, tomato sauce
4. FETA SAGANAKI (VEGE) 200g 22,00 zł
Oryginal greek feta cheese baked with tomato, garlic and olive oil
5. CARPACCIO 100g 24,50 zł
Thinly cut marinated beef, rucola, parmesan, olive oil

6. MEZE VEGE (VEGE) 400g 34,00 zł
Mousse from the chickpea, potatoes salad, baked aubergine dip, marinated sweet peppers and olives, tzatziki
7. MEZE LUKULLUS 400g 34,50 zł
Baked aubergine dip, the fried octopus and shrimps, sardines, tzatziki

8. GYROS SALAD 400g/260g 25,50 zł/18,50 zł
Tomato, cucumber, pepperoni, lettuce, onion, grilled chicken, tzatziki
9. HORIATIKI 400g/260g 26,50 zł/18,50 zł
Traditional salad with original greek feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, paprika and olives
10. LOUNZA SALAD 400g/260g 26,50zł/18,50 zł
Lettuces mixt up with the baked beet, pork loin, tomato, pumpkin seeds and balsamic sauce

11. KAKAVIA 400ml 18,50 zł
Tasty goulash soup with beef
12. MEAT CAULDRON 400ml/200ml 16,50 zł/11,00 zł
Vegetable soup with mutton

13. MOUSSAKA 400g 34,50 zł
Greek casserole of aubergines, potatoes and minced meat with bechamel sauce, salad
14. ARNAKI KLEFTIKO 45,50 zł
Roasted mutton in parchment with coriander and vegetables
15. GEMISTA 400g 30,50 zł
Stuffed baked pepper and aubergine with rice , tomato sauce
16. SOUVLAKI ME KOTOPOULO 240g 29,50 zł
Chicken shish kebab, salad, pita bread, tzatziki
17. GYROS 240g 28,50 zł
Sliced grilled meat of chicken, pita bread, tzatziki, salad
18. PAIDAKIA 180g 55,00 zł
Saddle of mutton seasoned with herbs, ratatouile
19. KEBAB 230g 30,50 zł
Minced mutton, tomato, onion, olives, pita bread and tzatziki
20. KOTOPOULO ME FETA 200g 32,50 zł
Chicken breast stuffed with  feta cheese and dried tomato, spinach, salad.
21. BEEF STIFADO 200g 37,50 zł
Stewed beef with mushrooms, grilled vegetables
22. DUCK FROM RODOS 400g 47,50 zł
Half of duck in the sauce of the red wine and grapes, green salad
23. MEAT PLATTER FOR 2 PERSONS 600g 120,00 zł
Arnaki kleftiko, paidakia, beef stifado, souvlaki, chips, grilled vegetables, horiatiki, tzatziki
24. GAMBAS AL AJILLO 10 PIECES 400g 49,50 zł
Shrimps from the pan, olive oil, garlic, chilli, parsley, lemon, salad
25. MIDIA ACHINISTA 500g 44,00 zł
Lightly spicy mussels stewed in the white wine, tomato, coriander, parsley
26. HALIBUT 220g 44,50 zł
Fried halibut with thyme, pan vegetables
27.FRESH FISH OF THE DAY 250-350g price of the day
Ask the waiter
28. SEAFOOD PLATTER FOR 2 PERSONS 600g 130,00 zł
Grilled squids, langoustines, shrimps, octopus, fried sardines, vegetables sous vide, lemon dip, tzatziki

29. GYROS 120g 16,50 zł
Sliced chicken meat, tzatziki, chips, small salad
30. CHICKEN SCHNITZELS 120g 16,50 zł
Breaded chicken breast, chips, small salad
31. FRIED FISH FINGERS 10g 16,50 zł
Tzatziki, chips, small salad
32. PASTA 120g 16,50 zł
Pasta with chicken in the homemade baked tomato sauce

33. KARAMELLAS 200g 17,50 zł
Mascarpone cheescake with salty caramel
34. BAKLAVA 150g 14,50 zł
Traditional greek cookie stuffed with almonds and nuts, served with the yoghurt
35. KREMA HALVA 200g 16,00 zł
Halva mousse with seasonal chutney
36. APPLE CAKE 180g 17,50 zł
Apple pie on the puff pastry with the vanilla ice cream
37. PAGOTOU 200g 15,50 zł
Ice-cream with friuts, the whipped cream aand egg liqueur